Jazz always brings amazing and unique services for customer better experience. Jazz has overcome many challenges by consistently evolving its organizational structure, framework, and digitization process. Jazz is fulfilling customers demands by offering cheap and user friendly services. Jazz Care for customers and now offering ZERO BALANCE CALL Service to facilitate customer needs. This is one of the unique services where customer can call their family and friends in the time of need.



Zero call balance is the unique services offered by Jazz telecom where customer can call and sms to B party customers without balance. Sometime you are in emergency and run out of balance in that case you can subscribe zero call service to call and sms to your loved ones. Kindly check below details for complete information.


Service Other Information

Reserve Call

Jazz is now offering its customer a new feature of reserve call. The Subscribers of Zero Balance Call service will be able to purchase reserve calls and make calls even without balance.


Customers can missed call or send SMS to B-Party person by dialing *600# from prepaid SIM.

Following are the options available on the menu :

Customers can make 2 calls of 60 seconds each when out of balance.

Customers will be able to send a missed call by following easy steps.

Customers can type their own SMS or choose from 7 default templates Remaining number of reserve calls, missed calls and SMS in summarizes your account 2 missed calls and 2 SMS will be allowed without any fee deduction by default

You will be provisioned for full bundle of 2 Reserve calls, 5 Missed calls, 2 SMS upon being successfully charged

While using the Zero Balance Call service you can consume, Calls/SMS/Missed calls from the default-bundle or a full-bundle. You can recharge the Zero Balance Call bundle account by paying Rs. 2.68 upfront and add a full-bundle to your Zero Balance Call account.

B Party will receive the Missed call and SMS in ‘09230XXXXXXX’

Format Zero Balance Call service Validity is 30 days.

Service FAQS

Customer need to dial *600# to subscribe Zero Balance Call service, after subscription you can easily generate missed call and SMS.

Rs.2.25 will be charged for Bundle of 2 reserve calls, 5 missed calls and 2 SMS. After subscription recurring weekly charges of Rs.2.25 will be deducted.

Customers can use this service once in case of no balance which allows 1 reserve call, 2 default SMS and 2 missed calls to first time users only.

Customers can use this service at time. It will work even if you have balance more than zero.

The validity of the bundle is 30 days.

B party or Called Party will see your original number on their CLI when they receive a missed call.

If the second party receives the missed call then automated system will immediately cut the call.

Customers can send their own message within the limit of 50 characters.

Customers can dial *600# to check the account summary from the service menu.

System will give you information about the remaining number of reserve calls, missed calls and text messages.

This service is available for prepaid customers only.

This service is for local numbers only.

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