How to Check Jazz Number

People forgot their mobile numbers easily when they buy a new connection. You don’t have to worry in case of no balance. You can use an easy procedure to check your own number. For that purpose, jazz introduces the find and also check jazz number service to check your own mobile number. Both Prepaid and Postpaid customers can use this service free of cost (FOC). Through this service, you can only check your own CLI number. You cannot get any other customer number from this service. Kindly check the below details for complete information.

How to Check Jazz Number
You have to dial *11# on your dial pad after dialing the code a flash message will pop up on your screen regarding your number. This Service is Free of Cost.
  • Dial *11# Both prepaid and postpaid customers can use the Find Jazz Number service. This service is free of cost. Call Jazz helpline 111  for further information

Find Jazz Number Updated 2020

As well as JAZZ Telecom Parent Company is VEON Pvt Ltd which is a Dutch-domiciled multinational telecommunication Services Company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jazz is the top leading brand telecom network in Pakistan and providing its digitalize LTE, Voice and Value added services throughout Pakistan.

It should be noted Jazz is a responsible entity that passionately supports education, health, and environmental initiatives and promotes sustainable business practices.

In Addition Jazz digitalization is revolutionary which is digitalizing its operations for customers to use instant services without facing any difficulties. Also know as Jazz ‘Dunya ko Bataa Do is making customer’s life easy through its services like JAZZ ROZGAR, YOUTH CENTRAL, BIMA Services, BAKHABAR KISSAN, and JAZZ CASH SERVICES.

Jazz’s core value is customer obsession and Jazz is constantly working to achieve its goal of customer satisfaction. Jazz Telecom is the only network in Pakistan which is empowering customers with self-service apps where customer can easily manage their connection on their own like Jazz World App.

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