If you are a new or existing user of PTCL broadband internet services and buy a new broadband device for internet connectivity then you have to go to the PTCL user control panel page to update your settings for privacy and security concerns. You have to know How to Change Wifi Name PTCL and update your default password and wifi name commonly known as SSID (Service Set Identifier).

How to Change Wifi Name PTCL

In Pakistan, most of the people are using PTCL broadband services and are unaware of user control settings. You don’t need to waste your time on PTCL Executive assistance or on browsing the internet.  It is quite a simple task and you have to follow some easy steps to change your wifi name or SSID. In this article, we will guide you step by step how to change wifi name ptcl or SSID. You just have to follow the below mentioned five steps.

  • Open Web Browser
  • Type PTCL IP Address In Search Bar
  • Enter Modem Username And Password 
  • PTCL Admin Panel Settings
  • Change Wi-Fi Name PTCL/SSID

Open Web Browser:

The First step is to open any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. The recommended browser is Google Chrome due to its user-friendly interface.

Type PTCL IP Address In Search Bar:

The 2nd step is to type PTCL IP address in the search bar. When you open the web browser you can see a search bar at the top of the web browser. Just type in the PTCL IP address there. There are two IP addresses you can enter in the search bar.

  1. ( For New Devices)
  2.   ( For Old Devices )

You can enter any of the above PTCL IP addresses as per your broadband device.

Enter Modem Username and Password:

After Giving IP address A dialogue box will pop up on your web browser Which will ask you to enter your username and password. For old devices you can use the below mentioned password. It is a default password for PTCL broadband devices.

User Name: Admin

Password: Admin

How to Change Wifi Name PTCL

In case the default password is not valid or accepted you can check the username and password on the backside of your PTCL modem device.

PTCL Admin Panel Settings:

After giving the correct username and password PTCL user control panel Settings page will be open. You have the access now to change the username of your PTCL device or Modem. You can see the picture of the main user page below.

How to Change Wifi Name PTCL

Change Wifi Name Ptcl/SSID:

In the below picture, you can see many options for different types of device settings. You have to click on the wireless option and then click on the basic Option. After selecting the basic option you can see the option of SSID bar which shows you the default username. In order to change your username just remove the old username and type a new name as per your desire. When you select your desired username just click the Apply/Save option in order to save your new changes.

How to Change Wifi Name PTCL

We make it very easy to follow the above step by step guidelines for How to change wifi name Ptcl. You can change your broadband modem or device name as many times as u want. In case you suspect someone is using your wifi without your consent just change your username or password from Wireless basic and security options. We hope our information will prove very useful to you.

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