PTCL also known as Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd is a renowned company in Pakistan which provides telephone and internet services all over in Pakistan. PTCL is providing high speed broadband internet services with unlimited downloads. When your broadband services will be installed by PTCL then you have to make some changes in your PTCL internet settings regarding your PTCL wifi password and other privacy settings. PTCL will give you a free PTCL modem or Router through which you can use wifi services in your house.

Is It Necessary To Change Ptcl Wifi Password

It is recommended to change your Wifi password after installing PTCL broadband services. The purpose is to change wifi password is to make your internet connection secure so that irrelevant people cannot use your internet services. It does also prevent hackers to access your home or office wireless network. A strong password is a tough thing to crack for hackers.

Do you want to learn How To Change Ptcl Wifi Password

If you are a new user of PTCL internet services then you may not be familiar about PTCL broadband settings. PTCL gives you access to the user control panel page to check and change the setting of broadband connection. There are many options which may confuse you but it is not difficult to change the PTCL wifi password in fact it’s a very easy task which you can do by yourself. You just have to follow a few steps to change your wifi password. Let’s have a detailed look at the below points about How To Change PTCL Wifi Password.

1. Web Browser 

2. PTCL IP Address 

3. Modem Username And Password 

4. Admin Panel Settings Page 

5. Wireless and Security Option 

6. Change Password

Web Browser

The first thing to do is open a web browser on your desktop or laptop. You can use any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer. You can use Google chrome for web surfing due to its easy surface.

PTCL IP Address

The 2nd step is to open the PTCL ip address in the web browser search bar. There are two Ip addresses which you can open. Ip address is a gateway to provide access to the admin control panel. 



PTCL IP Address

You can check both Ip addresses to access the control panel page. Ip address is applicable for all broadband users however is applicable for some specific PTCL users.

Modem Username And Password

After accessing the Ip address page a pop up will appear on your desktop or laptop screen asking for username and password.

Modem Username And Password

You can use a default password to access the page as mentioned below

User Name: admin 

Password: admin

You can enter above username and password in small letters in case above username and password did not work just check your modem or router back side for username and password. These credentials are specifically assigned to your router device to enter in your admin control page.

Admin Panel Settings Page

An admin panel page will be open after giving the correct username and password. Now you can open the required setting option to change password.

Admin Panel Settings Page

Wireless and Security Option

You can see many options on the left side of the page. You have to click on the wireless option to access the password change option. After clicking on wireless option additional options will be visible under wireless option. You have to click on the security option from where you can get the option of changing password. You can see below pictures of wireless and security options.

Wireless and Security Option

Change Password

You can see various settings in the security page but you have to scroll down the page to change the password. There is an option of WPA/WAPI passphrase bar at the bottom of the security setting page. You have to click on WPA/WAPI passphrase to change the password. After clicking on WPA/WAPI passphrase you can enter your desired password. A password must be unique and hard to guess to save your home or office network connection from unwanted hackers. You can choose a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters in creating your password. After creating your desired password you have to save the setting by clicking on the Apply/Save button at the bottom of the page.

Change Password

After restarting the wifi router your new password will be updated. You have to update the new password in your personal devices like laptop or mobiles. 

This is my comprehensive guide on How To Change PTCL Wifi Password with above mentioned six points. There is no limit to change your device password. You can change your password any time when desired. You don’t need to waste your time surfing the internet. We provide you all useful information on this platform with a purpose to save your time. We hope this article will prove beneficial for you. If you still have any query or questions, feel free to ask in the comment form below. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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