You cannot imagine what is going to happen when you leave your home. A Bad incident can happen anywhere any time. Mobile Snatching is a very common thing happening these days. Every other person in Pakistan is a victim of street crime. The first thing comes into the mind after mobile snatching is How To Block Zong Sim. It is very important to block your Sim and device on urgent basis to avoid any inconvenience. The criminal mind person can easily misuse your Sim card which can create troubles for you. You can block your Sim instantly to avoid problems with law and enforcement authorities.

You can simply block your handset with the help of your device IMEI number. You can call the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee helpline (CPLC). 

We will guide you in detail How To Block Zong Sim. There are 3 different ways to block your Zong Sim.

Call Zong Helpline

This is one of the easiest ways to block your sim. You just have to call Zong helpline 310 from any other Zong number or dial Zong UAN number (051) 111-222-111 from another network number. You can talk to the Zong representative and get your Sim blocked by giving your number and CNIC Verification. Zong helpline is available 24/7 so you can call on Zong helpline anytime. You will be charged Rs. 2 + tax for each call connected to a Zong Customer Services Officer.

Zong Service Center

You can simply visit any nearest Zong service center to block Zong Sim.  You have to provide your number and NIC details and front desk representative will block your Sim instantly.

Dial String Code *310#

This is a very simple way to block your Zong sim by sitting at home. You don’t have to call the Zong representative or to visit Zong service center. Just dial String Code *310# and follow the given instructions. First Dial *310# then reply with option 1, then reply with option 9 and select option 8 for Stolen block/ de-block. It is Necessary that your calling number and other number which you want to block/unblock is on the same CNIC.

It is recommended to always file a formal complaint with the relevant area police station to have proof of your snatching complaint. If your worst nightmare becomes a reality then you don’t need to panic at all. Just follow the above process of How To Block Zong Sim. We hope this blog helped you to get useful information. You can also share this useful information with your family and friends on social media platforms. In case of any question just feel free to ask via the forum below.

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