People are using Zong Packages especially call packages due to its variety. Zong is providing quality voice services as compared to the other networks. That’s the reason more people prefer to use Zong call packages. It can be a little bit inconvenient If you subscribed to a call package but did not know the process How To Check Zong Free Minutes. In this blog we will guide you various convenient ways of How To Check Zong Free Minutes. 

Want to know more about How To Check Zong Free Minutes .You have to follow the below detailed guidelines. 

There are 3 easy ways to check free minutes info. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a daily, weekly or monthly call package. The below guideline is applicable for all packages. 

For Prepaid Users

3 easy ways to check free minutes info mention bellow For Prepaid Users.

  • 102 Inquiry Service
  • My Zong App
  • Zong E-Care Portal

102 Inquiry Service

You have to dial *102# to check your call package free minutes. Just dial *102# on your mobile screen and & reply within 30 seconds. After dialing *102# you have to reply with below options to check free resources. 

  • Reply with
    1. for Summary
    2. for Free Mins
    3. for Free SMS
    4. for Free Internet (Disconnect Data session before checking internet resources). 

Rs 0.12 will be charged for each SMS.

My Zong App

My Zong is a very convenient tool to manage your account. This is a unique platform where you have access to all details regarding packages and value added services (VAS). You can install My Zong APP from the play store. 

My Zong App

You can easily register and sign in with your mobile number.

My Zong App

After successful registration sign in with your number and check free minutes details.

My Zong App

Zong E-Care Portal

Zong users can easily check their free minute’s details through E-care portal. You have to sign in with your Zong mobile number. 

Zong E-Care Portal

After sign in, the automated system will send you pin code on your mobile number. Just type pin as shown in the picture.

Zong E-Care Portal

After giving the pin code, the system will redirect you to the E-Care main dashboard. You can easily check your free minutes from the dashboard option.

Zong E-Care Portal

For Postpaid Users

  • SMS to 567
  • My Zong App

You can check your postpaid plan free minutes via three different ways. Kindly follow below methods to check complete details of your Postpaid Plan.

SMS to 567

You have to type BL in your text SMS and send it to 567. You will receive SMS regarding your free minute’s resources. You will be charged Rs 0.50+Tax/SMS. 

Dial String *102#

Just dial *102# on your phone screen and follow the menu to check free minutes information. You have to reply with 2 for free minute’s details. 

My Zong App 

Zong Postpaid users can easily register with their Zong number and easily manage their account details. Just follow the above mentioned step by step process to register the app. After registration you can sign in the app and check your free minute’s details easily.

You can check all your free minutes details by following the above methods. These are the authentic ways to check free resources details. So follow the above ways to save your time rather than waste time on surfing the internet. We provide you complete authentic and verified ways of How To Check Zong Free Minutes for prepaid and Postpaid accounts. In case of any further questions just feel free to ask via the below comment forum.

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