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Undoubtedly Telenor is the best 4G broadband provider in Pakistan. If you want to use fast and convenient Internet service with your friends and family then Telenor 4G device is the best option for seamless internet services.  You can connect up to 10 or more Wi-Fi devices and can use the internet wherever you want to.

You can use this device for your office and home use. If you are using a 4G device bundle and don’t know the way How to Check Remaining MBS in Telenor 4G Device then you are in right place. We will tell you complete details in this article. Just follow the below details to know about data usage details in Telenor 4G Device.

Check Remaining MBS in Telenor 4G Device

Telenor 4G Device is the ultimate source of the fastest internet services. You can carry this device with you and can connect this device with a USB power source or your Laptop/Computer. You have to choose a monthly internet bundle to use these devices. You can easily check your remaining data through the Telenor hotspot device homepage.

 You just have to connect the device with your laptop or computer and the system will directly open the hotspot device homepage. If the homepage did not open automatically then you can manually open the device homepage. Users have to log in to the homepage to Check Remaining MBS in Telenor 4G Device.  You can also activate your SMS notification service where the system will send you an auto SMS notification about your internet usage details. You can check the hotspot device homepage below Picture.

Important Points:

  • If the system did not open the hotspot device homepage. Simply type 192.168. 8.1 in your web browser
  • After opening the homepage simple login with username and Password
  • The default user name and password is admin
  • Users  can successfully login with these usernames and password
  • You can check your Remaining MBS in Telenor 4G Device at the top of the hotspot device homepage
  • You have to click on the Data Usage option at the top of the homepage menu
  • Now you can check your complete remaining MBS detail.
  • Users can also check their usage notifications in the SMS option. The system will auto-update you about your remaining MBS
  • In below picture, you can see the data usage option to check your remaining MBS

This is a simple and easy way of How to Check the Remaining MBS in the Telenor 4G Device. You cannot check your remaining MBS through SMS or ShortCode. This portal is the only way to check your remaining data on Telenor 4G Device. We hope this article will thoroughly guide you. If you want to ask any questions then you can contact us via the below forum.

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