PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is the national telecom service provider in Pakistan. It is the largest means of communication in Pakistan which connects people through its landline connections and broadband services. PTCL is the backbone of nationwide telecommunication infrastructure despite the availability of many other telecom companies.

Now the real question is how to check Ptcl Bill? So let’s finish the curiosity and check the below details for your answer. 

Do you want to learn How To Check Ptcl Bill

PTCL has a monthly based subscription system. If you want to acquire a PTCL connection for your home or office you have to pay the monthly bill for the usage of PTCL services. PTCL will dispatch your monthly bill at your registered address during the middle of the month. Users have to pay the bill to continue the services otherwise your PTCL services will be terminated by the company. If you did not receive your monthly bill or your bill has been lost and bill payment is delayed In that case you have to pay extra charges in late submission of your monthly bill. PTCL is also providing e-bill service for customer’s ease. If you don’t want a hard copy of your bill just go to the PTCL e-bill registration site and enter required details. PTCL will send you an E-bill every month after successfully activating your e-bill services. You can check PTCL bills online by visiting PTCL website or from PTCL Touch App. 

How To Check Ptcl Bill Through Website

You can get this information easily on your previous bill. Account id is mentioned on the top right corner of your bill. You can check your bill easily by following the below steps. 

There are 2 things required to access your monthly PTCL bill. 

  • Phone No
  • Account ID

1. First you have to visit the PTCL website

Ptcl Bill Through Website

2. You have to enter your phone no without your area code and then account id. After that just click on the search button and you will be redirected to your current month bill. 

Duplicate Bill

3. Print bill option is available at the top of the bill. You just have to click on the print bill option and you will get the soft copy of your current monthly bill. 

PTCL Touch App

There is another option to check your bill Via PTCL Touch App. It is a very easy and convenient way to check your bill. You can register yourself and also visit as a guest. 

1. PTCL Touch App is available on both Google play store and on Apple store. Android and IPhone users can easily download the app from relevant play stores.

Ptcl Bill Through Website

You can register yourself and after registration you can access the application.

Sign up for PTCL

2. If you don’t want to register just register on the guest option and you will be redirected to the main page. You have to click on the Bill Inquiry/Payment option.

Ptcl Bill Through Website

3. After clicking on the bill inquiry you can choose the relevant option for which bill details are required.

Bill inqury

This is a very easy and simple way to check and pay your bill directly through the app. 

If you don’t have any internet connection you can simply go to your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop center or retailer shops in your nearest market. You have to tell them your phone number and account id and they will give you a duplicate copy of your PTCL bill. You don’t have to panic if you don’t receive your monthly bill just follow the above steps and check your bill instantly. These are the simple steps of How To Check Ptcl Bill.

In case of any problem you can get help from PTCL live chat service or from their customer service representative by calling 1218.You can also visit PTCL One Stop Shop for personal assistance.

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